Looking, Not Rioting

I was lucky enough to miss the trouble last night. When I walked along Stokes Croft at about 11pm it was busy, but not in the slightest bit threatening. I must admit I was worried that something was going to go down, but seeing the area up over Cheltenham Road with no signs of issues I figured everything was going to be okay.

That was until my housemate came in with a couple of friends at 1am, loudly discussing the riot they’d just been trapped in. This wasn’t about Tescos. It sounded like a bunch of kids had come down, infiltrated a peaceful party / protest, and started throwing bottles. Then it got ugly.

I went down and had a look this morning. At that time Cheltenham Road was sealed off to traffic and pedestrians, while the ends of the roads immediatly adjoining it were sealed off to cars. Riot police were on the roof of the Telepathic Heights, apparantly tidying up after arresting a bunch of youths throwing poles and rocks from the top. When they were arrested, I hear the crowd cheered.

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