Too Close

I’m a little too proud of the fact that I probably almost killed myself taking this.

It was the first time I’d gone on a proper walk by myself in the sub-Arctic and I hadn’t become immune to the fast-flowing river gorges that ripped through the forest down to the lake. I found this one and figured, hey, photo opportunity, and without really putting a lot of thought into it decided that I needed to climb off the bridge onto the little mossy outcrop above the gorge to get a field of view that pleased me.

Only the mossy outcrop was pretty slippy and there wasn’t much to hold onto. I didn’t want to hold onto the tree you see, because I wanted that where it was in my shot. And, to get the shot ~just~ right, I needed to creep closer and closer towards the edge.

Of course I slipped. Thank god I managed to grab hold of something and stop myself tumbling into the river. Amazingly, I still got the shot I wanted. Luckily, I learnt my lesson.

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