When I was young my mother had a brief stint as a breeder of Siamese cats. It started when she got Ishtar, named after the Babylonian Goddess of lust. This was rather appropiate, as it turned out, as Ishtar liked nothing more than having a holiday at the cattery, where she would apparantly yowl with pleasure louder than any other queen before her.

I ~think~ this kitten is from the first litter, which began with six and eventually became four after two of the kittens, Rosie and and a girl whose name I now can’t remember, but who was born with a hole through the heart, died on the same morning. The remaining ones were Lord Perceival Percy, Gertrude Penelope Peeps, Yodda (so named for the large ears), and Baldrick. My sister took Peeps and Yodda, Baldrick was sold to a family with, if I remember rightly, an oppresively clean house and a floral three piece suite, and Percy stayed with us. I’m not sure who this is. I don’t think it’s Percy, and I’m not convinced it’s Yodda, so it must either be Peeps or Baldrick. I remember being slightly more fond of Baldrick than Peeps, so I wonder if it’s the former…..

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